Limited Warranty for the Products


Effective date: 1st April 2016

This limited warranty (this “Warranty”) is provided to end-user purchaser (“you”) of Witura product sells in Malaysia (the “Product”).


Contact Information of Witura Technology Sdn Bhd:

Address: 33-4, Jalan 1/116B, Kuchai Enterpreneurs’ Park, 58200, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: 603-7499 6434


This Warranty applies only to purchases online made in Malaysia on or after the effective date identified above, and only covers genuine Witura distribution products.  This Warranty is only valid in Malaysia and is subject to the laws of Malaysia.

Witura reserves the right to amend or modify the terms and conditions of this Warranty without prior notice.


To the extent permitted by local law and subject to the terms of this Warranty, Witura will, at its option, render the Product to an operational condition as intended by supplier’s specifications free of charge, where there is a fault with the Product which is a consequence of the Manufacturer’s defect in materials or workmanship.  To be eligible for this Warranty, you must provide by Witura or supplier with notice of a defect during the Warranty period in accordance with the Warranty claim procedures indicated below.


  1. Warranty Period

The Warranty period varies 24 months, depending on the model of the Product.  The Warranty period for each of the Product models may be found at the online product pages

The Warranty period starts from the date you purchase the Product and ceases upon the expiration of the period.  Your original purchase online invoice (sales receipt or order confirmation e-mail), showing the date of purchase and product description, is your proof of the date of purchase.


In addition, this Warranty only applies to the initial purchase by you and Witura’s supplier obligations under this Warranty cease anytime when the Product is rented, sold or otherwise disposed of by you.




(b) How to Make a Warranty Claim

If you purchase your Product online with Witura in accordance with the above, you may make a Warranty claim within the Warranty period in accordance with the procedures below,provided however that you will not be entitled to a Warranty claim if your Product or defect falls under one of the exclusions under “Section 3 – Warranty Exclusions and Limitations” of this Warranty:


1) If you experience any issue with your Product, please contact our Customer Service at the contact details provided above and follow our instructions on troubleshooting procedures.


2) If the issue cannot be resolved by troubleshooting, our support staff will refer you to the nearest supplier authorized service center, and provide instructions on how to make your Warranty claim.  Please provide sufficient details to enable us to assess the claim.


Witura offers two types of Warranty services: “Carry-in Warranty” and “Onsite Warranty”.  For any inquiries on the type of Warranty service that your Products are eligible for, please refer to thecontact information of our Customer Service.


Carry-in Warranty Service

“Carry-in” warranty services mean repairing service for your Products by Witura or Witura’ssupplier service center’s technicians at a place designated by Witura.  Where the Warranty service type is “Carry-in,” you will be solely responsible to deliver and transport the Product, including payment for the delivery charges for sending to and receiving the Product from Witura’s authorized service center.


You will need to include your proof of purchase with the warranted Product. Any damage caused during transportation by failing to package the Product correctly will not be covered by this Warranty.


Onsite Warranty Service

“Onsite” warranty services mean repairing services for your Products performed by Witura or Witura’s authorized service center’s technicians at your designed place.  To be eligible for Onsite

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